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        1. Global service hotline:+86 21 37788615 E-mail:dflytrans@dflytrans.com

          D-fly Translation
          D-fly Translation


          Business Scope

          Established in 2008, D-fly offers diversified services to clients: multilingual interpretation and translation for various industries, conference equipment rental, Zoom remote SI video conference, DTP and localization, language training, etc.

          Interpretation services

          SI, conference CI, business accompanying, bilingual emceeing, etc.

          Translation services

          Multilingual translation of files and documents for diverse industries

          Conference equipment

          Self-owned SI equipment, voice transimission devices, etc.

          Other services

          Zoom remote SI video conference, multimedia translation & interpretation, DTP and localization, etc.

          Our clients

          Our Clients

          Successful cases

          Successful Cases

          More Successful Cases



          About Us

          About Us

          Shanghai D-fly Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as D-fly) is a translation consulting company specializing in translation and language training. It was established in 2008 by national senior software engineers and senior project managers.

          After years of development, the company's translation department has established a systematic, professional and experienced translation team, and employs a number of foreign senior experts as consultants. The company is mainly engaged in data translation, business interpretation (including simultaneous interpretation), desktop typesetting, software and website localization. As a professional translation service provider, with years of familiarity and understanding of the translation industry, D-fly has established an effective management system and accumulated rich project management experience. Relying on excellent translation quality and sincere service, D-fly has accumulated many loyal users and long-term partners. They are mainly concentrated in domestic branches of multinational institutions, overseas companies, joint ventures, large domestic enterprises and institutions, government agencies, industry organizations, publishing institutions, etc. Over the years, D-fly has accumulated a good reputation in the industry and won high praise from customers.

          Contact us

          Contact Us




          +86 21 37788615


          +86 21 37788615

          Shanghai, China

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